Sales Team meeting

In our technology driven world, where the majority of people many spend hours a day staring at their mobile phones, laptop screens and tablets, it’s never been more crucial to make the most of those rare face to face moments, especially within the world of sales and business.

We believe that one of the most important gatherings for companies is a thoughtful annual sales kick off (SKO) meeting, allowing your entire team to experience a day which is filled with empowerment and inspiration, leaving them with a sense of renewed energy and motivation.

sales kick off meeting

In our last blog post we ran through the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ for your 2019 Sale Kick Off’ but this time we want to go into a little more detail about defining the purposes of what your most important asset, your sales team, should be gaining from a SKO meeting.

A well-executed meeting will leave a team motivated, inspired, and feeling ready to engage with customers, make progress on sales leads, and close revenue for your business, but how is that achieved?

A Positive Outlook

“Positivity breeds positivity”

How many times have you heard that phrase? Well, it turns out that it really is true! It’s a subconscious behaviour but it has been scientifically proven by researchers at Harvard University – emotions really can be contagious. Who’d have thought it!

What better way to put this into practice than with face-to-face events that offer your team a unique opportunity to feed off of each other’s positive emotions?

Positivity helps colleagues and co-workers to feel better, as they take inspiration from the attitude of their peers and management teams and see the powerful and supportive role that each of them play within the business.

Whether this is through good news stories, the recognition and celebration of others success, or by building team relationships and trust – the energy that positivity can evoke has been known to have a lasting effect for many months to come.

Inject an Element of Fun

Whether the primary goal of your meeting is to boost morale and enthusiasm for the year ahead or to promote new products and capabilities, it’s really important to focus the content on your audience. If your agenda is filled with endless updates and presentations from management teams, then we are sorry to say that it is probably going to disappoint and leave attendees feeling disengaged.

We’re not suggesting you make your next annual sales meeting into a comedy show with Coco the clown, but a little humour really can go a long way in ensuring that a sales meeting is much more enjoyable and memorable for your audience. Think quirky ice breakers, team challenges and perhaps you could throw in some unexpected content – in return they are much more likely to listen and more importantly, retain the key information being taught.

Celebrate Success

Publicly recognising individual or team success has to be one of the most motivating and uplifting things for boosting both individuals and team spirit. An annual sales kick-off is the perfect time to acknowledge the contribution and high value of your team, in front of the entire organisation – leaving everyone with that warm, fuzzy feeling of contentment.

Equip Your Team for Success

Employees all want to know how they can succeed and a sales kick-off is the perfect opportunity to provide them with new tools, methods, and information they can use to achieve their goals. These days, everyone lives on their phones so when planning an event, we believe it is vitally important to try and incorporate innovative ways to teach and learn, ensuring that messages are delivered in a unique and memorable way; technology is often a fantastic platform to do this.

From a simple app that participant’s can use to track the agenda of a meeting or digital games, quizzes and questionnaires used to provoke team building, why not create a buzz with technology – a simple way to keep your attendees engaged before and during the event. Seeing a company invest in their success is much more motivating to sellers than a pep talk from a manager or outside speaker.

Building Trust

Face-to-face meetings offer a unique opportunity to network and build personal relationships. Asales kick-off that encourages teams to network and share what they’ve learned can be the most useful thing accomplished in a meeting.

Collaboration is a huge part of creating a productive work environment; when everyone on your team is working together to solve problems and be more efficient, as a company you are able to get things done faster. Collaboration and communication between team members can also ensure everything is moving smoothly and in the right direction.

In addition to this, spending time bonding with teammates generates trust and empathy, setting the groundwork for productive collaboration all year round.

With these simple guidelines in mind, your sales kick-off meeting is assured to be a success. A well organised and thoughtful event agenda can boost your team’s morale and create accelerated momentum towards success for the entire year so we believe it’s really worth going the extra mile.

If you’d like help in ensuring a successful sales kick-off, drop us an email or call us on 01803 266600. We would love to help provide your business with some expert business coaching and tips for continued success.