VIP Programme - Team Building with Purpose

We all need to accelerate out of lockdown as fast as possible, re-building our team and performance levels to those we enjoyed pre-epidemic.

It's vital to take the necessary time to invest in the people you need to take your business forward, involving them in the creation of a an exciting vision and a plan to achieve even the greatest of ambitions.

We'll facilitate 3 key modules, allowing you as the business leader to participate, observe and enjoy the quality time with your people.  Our expert facilitators will do the hard work for you.

  1. Vision
  2. Involvement
  3. Planning
VIP Programme Team Building

Our style of facilitation is relaxed, engaging and focussed on actions and accountability.  We can facilitate the sessions in a variety of ways - either all face to face, all in a virtual session or a mix of online and face to face is fine by us.  Just tell us what would suit your team best.

You and your team will leave each session feeling energised, excited and ready to forge ahead with your post-lockdown plan.  Each of the 3 team building sessions will produce collateral and materials for you to take away and use to support the team with their continual planning and execution of their actions.

If there is something very specific that you think we need to know before facilitating the VIP Team Building Programme, then just let us know.

The 4 stages of Team Building are Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.  

This cycle is continuous, and in light of the pandemic, needs a more considered and pro-active approach to reach team success.

3 Core Modules of the VIP Team Building Programme


Collectively create a vision for team success, in a collaborative environment where ideas can be generated endlessly.  Equal share of voice between management and staff, honest and open, and driven by the business needs and priorities.


Alignment between all team members will ensure full buy-in and a shared view of what success looks like for the team.  Everybody feels consulted and heard, and energised to build a plan to achieve greater success in the future.


A cohesive plan, achieved through contribution, with agreed milestones to guarantee the effectiveness of the plan.  All actions with appropriate owners and measurements for success, and a sense of real excitement for what the future holds.

"I really enjoy having our sessions faciliated by the Momentum team, because it allows me to spend quality time with my team as a colleague, and not their boss"

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