Leadership Training Courses for all levels of Leadership

Being a great leader is fundamental to success in business.  It's the leader who brings cohesion of the team, who communicates new initiatives, who reviews key performance indicators and manages performance.  The list goes on....

"Having great leadership in your business really does go hand in hand with success."

Leadership Skills need to be constantly adapted

By the year 2020, the average workforce will be 50% Millennials (those born between  1980 and 1995) which means our leadership skills will need to continue to evolve and adapt to suit the demands of our changing team.

Momentum South West are experienced in all aspects of Leadership and offer Training Skills Courses and 1:1 Coaching to support you and your team through both short and long term initiatives.

We can tailor a Leadership Workshop to suit you and deliver it on-site at your business.  We also deliver Open Training Courses in Plymouth and Exeter, as well as other venues across Devon, Bristol and the South West.

Our Training Courses

We offer a wide range of training courses and workshops.  Our approach is relaxed and practical, giving delegates the space and time to explore their new learning and most importantly, plan how they will use it back in the workplace.

We work with clients to build a single course, or an entire 12 month Leadership Programme.

Essential Leadership Training Courses include:-
  • Creating aligned vision and values
  • Strategic thinking
  • Recruiting and building the right team
  • Providing clear job roles
  • How to Engage the team to win
  • Communication Skills training course
  • Setting goals, targets and KPIs
  • Running effective team meetings
  • Coaching Skills training course
  • Managing under-performance
  • Managing difficult situations
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Stakeholder management
  • Time management

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We can also help with Recruiting and Inducting your growing team

Finding great staff can be a real challenge in business, especially when you don't do it very often.  It takes time out of your business schedule and interviews are quite a skill to master aren't they.  Find out more about how we can help here.

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