We can make your Sales Kick Off event, the best one ever!

Momentum South West

Do your Sales Kick Off meetings and Campaign Launches usually involve a few PowerPoint slides and a brief motivational speech?  Do the sales team leave feeling revved up for success?  Or is it more a case of "here we go again, new launch, bigger target, more pressure"?

You are not alone.  Finding new ideas each quarter is difficult, and sales teams can be a tough audience - their expectations are super high.

sales campaign launch

Planning a Sales Campaign Launch Event?

Let us help you kick it off with high energy, high impact and a fast start to your campaign results.

sales kick off

Kick things off in style

Using the latest game technology, we bring fun and engagement to your event.  Our delegates give us 5 stars!

So how can we help make your Sales Kick Off a roaring success?

By combining technology, micro learning and gamification alongside solution based, consultative selling techniques, Momentum South West are able to deliver customisable ‘Sales Kick-Off Meetings’ to support corporate businesses when rolling out new sales campaigns.

Taking the pressure of business owners and sales managers, we implement a creative and highly informative agenda for your sales training to inspire, motivate and teach your sales force using a series of innovative techniques, ensuring that company strategies and objectives are really brought to life.

The solution encompasses a range of interactive, tablet-based learning and collaboration, as well as puzzles, breakout challenges, photo challenges and the sharing of best practises. This innovative and inspiring sales kick off training is able to provide a thoughtful mix of learning and reflection to give attendees a better understanding and commitment of your company’s strategies and goals for the upcoming year.

We can support...

  • New Product Launches
  • Sales Target Roll-Out
  • Team Incentive Launch
  • Sales Conference
  • Annual Celebration Event
  • Quarterly Kick Offs
  • Marketing Campaign Roll Out
  • Bespoke Workshops
  • New Product Launches
  • Sales Target Roll-Out
  • Team Incentive Launch
  • Sales Conference

What our Clients say about our events...

"We loved how Momentum South West seemed to just 'get it'.  They were able to adapt their sales training to our customers, and they nailed it."

"Thank you for the energy you brought to our sales incentive roll out.  The team understood the expectations and left feeling ready to start making appointments.  We'll definitely get you back for our Spring conference."

"I'll definitely be recommending you to our Sales Director in the other divisions.  We've never had a sales event with such engagement before and I'm sure that the results we achieve will reflect the efforts made all round.  Thank you Momentum South West!"

Fun, engaging, empowering...

A Typical Agenda for a 1 Day Event;

  • We send out a Pre-Event App
  • Welcome and Intros
  • Ice breaker
  • Share the Sales Campaign
    • Why the campaign is needed Why now?
    • Vision for success
    • How to achieve success
    • Actions required
    • Reward and recognition
    • Tracking success
  • Sales Training (or refresher) to support key areas of campaign
  • Game – creatively test understanding
  • Game – collaborate to win
  • Tracking success via a dashboard
  • Reward and recognition
  • Q&A, Next Steps and Summary

Completely bespoke to you

Understanding that every company is different, our methods are tailored to your requirements, creating an event that is completely bespoke to your company’s goals. This exciting new sales training not only challenges the norm, but also helps to move your sales teams away from being passive listeners by encouraging them to actively contribute by communicating in an entirely new way.

Recognising that a sales team are the ultimate drivers of your businesses success, this creative approach to sales kick off meetings aims to revolutionise the way your team learn and approach goals by driving human connection through innovative and inspiring learning techniques.

Let's get started...

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