Resilience and Time Management

We don't know how much we need resilience, until we need to be resilient, so our resilience training focusses on building some self-improvement strategies to raise our awareness and give us the power of bouncebackability.  Is bouncebackability even a word?  We think it is.

Hand in hand with resilience, is time management, and that's because the feelings of overwhelm take hold when we feel that we're losing our grip on our time and circumstances.  We've combined these two topics into a training programme which can be delivered face to face or online.

Delegates will feel instantly more in control of time and their ability to manage the day to day challenges which face us all, and all too often, get us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.


Resilience and Time Management Training

Resilience is often mistaken for just 'being strong', but it's so much more than that.  We'll teach you how to invest in the right kind of self-care, how to use your support network and how to recognise your own overwhelm-triggers and social distractions.  This resilience training session will also provide you with some strategies for managing our lives and career in a way that ensure we feel in control and able to navigate any challenges which may arise.

It makes great sense to combine Resilience with Time Management training, because the strategies that we will enlighten you on, require us to have time in our days and weeks to accommodate the activities.  We'll show you how to recognise the different between managing time and managing priorities, and how to juggle what's important and what's urgent.  You'll feel refreshed and revitalised after the session, ready to take on the world.

When we make lists of things we need to do, we usually tackle it in the wrong order.  We choose what we enjoy, what we're good at or what's quick!  Is that you?

What we cover on the course


What is a resilience and why is it so important in life and business?  Tips for building resilience.


We'll provide you with some simple and effective ways to master the art of time management.


There's no point leaving the training without a plan, we we make sure you're set for success.

Where is the course held?

We can deliver Resilience and Time Management as a face to face workshop or in an online virtual classroom.  Either way, we keep the session highly engaging, participative and focussed on tangible outputs.

How long is the course?

As a face to face course, we recommend using a full day, which is 9.30am to 4.30pm.

As an online delivery in a virtual classroom, we recommend 2 sessions of  2 hours.

Who facilitates the course?

One of our experienced training facilitators will deliver the course, ensuring that all delegates participate and get the benefit required from attending the session.

What delegates say about Resilience and Time Management training

"The strategies shared were so easy to use and I feel so much more in control of my workload"

"I felt great after this course for ages - more energy and much better organisation.When difficult things arose, I coped like a rock star"

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