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Blog written by Rebecca Broad:

Momentum South West began February with a bang by inviting a select few contacts to discuss potential partnerships.

Ten local business owners who have supported Momentum South West’s growth were welcomed to Deer Park Country House Hotel, winner in The South West Tourism Awards, to share good food and great ideas.

Recent estimates suggest that in around ten years’ time, over half of the workforce in developed countries will be freelancing in some way.  Renowned people-person and Momentum South West founder Rachael Howourth already sees the opportunity in this trend: a chance for collaboration.

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Over 50% of the US and UK workforce are predicted to be freelancing by 2027

Her sales, leadership and personal development business has been asked by customers to provide training, consultancy and provision for an even wider range of business topics, from marketing to teambuilding.

The freelancers and business owners listened to Rachael’s ideas on how they could work together to provide clients with an unsurpassable suite of services.  Businesses are reluctant to spend unnecessary time, energy and therefore funds on finding and screening providers of services; recommending providers via a partnership would streamline these processes.

Key to Rachael’s vision is a network of partners who share her core values: honesty and integrity in particular.  She acknowledged that the South West can be a tough area in which to sustainably grow business, but that we often need to think with more ambition.

The formation, opportunities and challenges of such a collaboration were discussed in small groups before being shared with and debated on by everyone.  Ideas for actions and next steps, all of which keep client needs at their core, were collated and emailed out following the event.

Future partner Rebecca Broad described the partnership evening as

“incredibly exciting – the passion of local freelancers and business owners to provide the best possible services for their clients is fantastic.  It was refreshing to experience so much honesty and trust, allowing everyone to ask questions and share their views.”

Momentum South West founder Rachael Howourth said “I’m so glad to have found people who share my dedication to customer-centric business.  The Momentum South West business model is evolving based on client demand, so whilst we’re following our instincts, it’s great to have the partnership team around me to share the success.  Their support means that our Instant Boardroom proposition can really start to add significant value to the businesses we work with – helping them grow and flourish”.

Planning for the potential partnership network continues ahead of the next meeting in May.

To find out more about becoming a partner, send your CV and a brief bio to