Let’s face it, there’s an abundance of books written on both parenting and business – there’s certainly lots to learn.  But just think for a minute about how the skills are inter-changeable.  

I’ve started considering which primary school my little boy is going to attend in 2018 (yes I’m a bit premature but I like to be prepared) and it got me thinking about the significant similarities in skill set  between great parents and great business leaders.  

It’s certainly not uncommon to see parents out with their little ones, using ingenious new ways of getting good ‘performance outputs’ and running pavement coaching sessions to avoid the explosive toddler meltdown.  Encouraging your toddler to decide which order to eat the carrots and broccoli in is the same coaching skill as helping a team member at work decide the best way to tackle his sales target next month.  Giving clear, timely communication is critical at work and home.  And so on…. think about it.  Here’s just a few synergies…

  • Shared goals and values – families plan for their home/holidays, and aim for strong morals
  • Communication skills – clear explanations, providing clarity and the chance to ask questions 
  • Defined KPIs – reward charts and marble jars spring to mind
  • Managing under performance – our children need a fair and consistent disciplinary framework
  • Great coaching and skills training – lifelong lessons shared, inspired action
  • Give praise and thanks – we all like to be appreciated 

So next time you’re attempting to avoid the tantrum for turning the TV off when Peppa is about to start, bring in a few boardroom skills 🙂