Online Training and Coaching Solutions

Our Online Training and Coaching is a great option for anyone seeking personal development, because it's cost-effective, uses the least amount of time and leverages webinar technology to appeal to different learning styles.  The sessions are LIVE, meaning a real person is on-hand to provide knowledge, skills and confidence.

Highly Engaging - we think you'll agree that our online training and coaching sessions are highly engaging, meaning that your staff will remain focused on their learning goals throughout the delivery.  And if they feel they are ready to step into a face-to-face workshop, we'd be delighted to welcome them to our sessions throughout the South West.

We partner with your HR team - we listen to what you need and build a solution to meet (and exceed) your expectations.  Our mantra is to make your life as easy as possible.

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All of the courses you see listed on our website can be delivered online in a virtual classroom

Our training, coaching and mentoring specialism is human skills.  

If you need to maximise your relationships with your staff and customers, then we've got a great range of online courses to choose from.

  • Consultative Selling
  • Account Management
  • Telesales Excellence
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Service
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Leadership and Management
  • Managing Performance
  • Coaching Skills
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Social Media Training
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Resilience
  • Time Management
  • Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Problem Solving
  • Train the Online Trainer
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Business Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Experience
  • Remote Working
  • Change Management

WEBINAR - Maximising Participant Engagement Online

maximising engagement online
This webinar is for anyone who finds themselves needing to use technology to deliver business meetings to staff, online pitches to prospects or simply discuss projects and plans with a number of stakeholders. The skills for doing this online are very different.

We find ourselves in a rapidly changing business environment, and those who've been considering how they can use technology to create a smarter way of working and to support remote-based staff, are now finding this the only option.

For this reason, we've worked with an expert in virtual learning and facilitation to develop this course which equips delegates with all of the skills and confidence to maximise engagement from the online sessions they run.

This course has been designed with the user experience and the facilitator’s confidence in mind.

During this 90 minute session, we will cover:

  • An introduction to the Interaction Tools available in webinar platforms.
  • A demonstration of activities that you could run using the facilities available to you.
  • Using engaging visuals when designing online material.
  • An opportunity to convert a short face to face interaction into the virtual classroom environment.
  • Integrating media files into an interactive virtual environment.

ONLINE SESSION - How to facilitate effective conference calls

If you are leading a remote team, who do a mix of home-based and/or field-based work, then you'll need to be a master communicator.

It's not enough to simply provide the laptop, wifi, mobile phone and software, you'll need to be sure that productivity and performance is consistently meeting your company standards.

But we're all human, so we understand that people need people, we need interaction, even if it's low level or infrequent. When you're a leader of a remote team, you won't have the time to phone everybody individually, and nor do you want to repeat yourself when cascading key messages to your team. The answer, is to become an expert conference call facilitator!

Dialling in to be merely 'talked at' is super boring, and it won't be too long before the audience are doodling, playing on their mobile or day-dreaming, so this session will quickly give you some tips on how to facilitate calls like a superstar.

What will we be covering?

  • Preparing to facilitate a conference call - the key things you'll need to think about
  • The ideal agenda - it's more than just business topics!
  • Is iit best to do an audio or video call?
  • How to encourage active participation and engagement
  • Closing the call - the key things you'll need to summarise

Online Social Media Training - Groups and 1:1

Social Media Training

An online group session to learn more about becoming a master of Facebook and Instagram.  Various dates available!

1:1 Social Media Training

A 1:1 session to help you master Facebook and Instagram for your business.  Various dates available!

Online LinkedIn Training

Make the most of the LinkedIn platform, from establishing your brand to winning new business leads.

Oline 1:1 Business Mentoring - POWER HOUR

A POWER HOUR, delivered 1:1 in a video call environment, relaxed and friendly but most importantly, supportive and all about you.

60 minutes of focussed mentoring, enabling ideas and plans to support your business goals.  Our team of mentors have lots to share, and are experienced in a wide range of market sectors and skill specialisms - you'll be in very safe hands.

Choose the type of experience and expertise you need to tap into;

  • Leading People and Managing Relationships
  • Sales Growth and Customer Service
  • HR and Organisational Development
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Financial Planning and Forecasting
  • New Markets, Products and Services Mix
  • Marketing and Social Media for Business

What are the pricing options?

  • Book 1 session - just for you or a member of your team as the mentee
  • Book 2 sessions - multiple mentees, eg you and a colleague
  • Book 10 sessions - mutliple mentees, eg shared across your business team

Coaching and Mentoring to suit your diary

Online Business Coaching - 30mins

BITESIZED business coaching, to help you navigate challenges and achieve your goals at minimal cost.

Online Business Mentoring - 60mins

1 hour of business mentoring, with a perfectly matched expert, will set you on a path for success.

Online Business Coaching - 2hrs

Access our expert business coaches, who will help you navigate challenges and achieve your goals.

We listen to what you need and tailor a solution to suit.

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