Online Sales Training, delivered in a Virtual Classroom

Our sales series acts as a great self-development programme, and can also supplement the learning of the delegates who attend our high-impact workshops and 1:1 sales coaching.

You may have heard us talking about the benefits of blended learning before, and this is because that true personal development takes time and uses a variety of different tools.  We all learn differently, and so our approach to training factors in the need for personal relationships, visual stimulation, listening, reading and self-reflection time.

What does sales training in our virtual classroom involve?

This series of sales modules involves a trainer engaging with our delegates, in a virtual classroom.  This makes use of a combination of visuals, breakout rooms and workshop style facilitation, to engage our learners in their sales training.

The fact that there is always a trainer on-hand in every session, means that questions can be asked and answered, and learners feel safe to explore new ideas.

Our online sessions are hosted on Zoom, and we may follow up the session with a recording to playback to enable retention of information.  Our clients give us great reviews, which we're very proud of.

Our Sales Series - 7 webinars, designed to boost your sales success forever!

Live Webinar 1

Finding new sales leads in a tricky economy

Keep your sales pipeline topped up with the right prospects.  We'll help you profile the ideal customer, enabling you to find them with ease and qualify them with accuracy, which will increase your conversion rate and overall sales success.

Live Webinar 2

Content Planning for Inbound Lead Generation

Generate inbound leads by having a clear content strategy.  Inbound leads are MUCH easier to convert into sales, so being good at content will boost your success and save you time and money.

Live Webinar 3

How to be great at selling without being salesy

We hear this comment more than any other.  Please teach me to sell without coming across like a salesperson.  This webinar is our most popular because it teaches the natural process of selling.

Live Webinar 4

How to get your sales communication just right

Just as we are all different, so are our customers.  They expect to be communicated with in a way that suits them.  This webinar identifies the right style and gives you some pointers on improving the conversion of each sales message.

Live Webinar 5

Pitching, Presenting and Proposal Writing to win the sale

Learn more about building the perfect sales pitch and proposal document and see your conversion rates increase!  We'll give you loads of tips to boost your sales success - what to include, how to ensure all questions are covered and how best to win the sale.

Live Webinar 6

How to handle sales objections with ease

Sales objections often don't mean the buyer is saying no, just that they need more information.  This webinar will teach you how to avoid and overcome sales objections in a simple and effective style.

Live Webinar 7

How to build customer loyalty that lasts forever

This webinar will provide you with an insight into the drivers of trust and how to take your customer up the 7 stages of the ladder of loyalty, to build trust and loyalty that lasts a lifetime.  We'll talk about generating repeat business and customer retention strategies that will keep your customers coming back.