online sales training

We’re absolutely over the moon to be launching our online sales training series, with 7 modules to choose from, all designed to help you boost your sales results through improved skills and greater levels of confidence.

The modules are delivered in a virtual classroom, with a facilitator on-hand to support and guide you through the training material.  We’ve made sure there’s plenty of sales-focussed content as well as time to discuss how to apply it to your specific style of sale and business sector.

  1. Finding new sales leads in a tricky economy

We’ll discuss a variety of ways you can seek out new leads, even in a tricky economy.  You’ll be provide with ideas for new ways to draw out inbound enquiries, as well as how to qualify your leads into valuable prospects or future buyers.

  1. Content Planning for Inbound Lead Generation

Generate inbound leads by having a clear content strategy, that makes sure your prospects want to approach you with enquiries.  Inbound leads are MUCH easier to convert, so being good at content will save you time and money.  This session underpins all of our sales training because it is super focussed on your ideal customer type.

  1. How to be great at selling without being salesy

This is our most popular module.  Nobody wants to be seen as pushy or dominant, and so this sales training module enables you to learn a new style of sales conversation, which feels natural and participative to your future buyer.

  1. How to get your sales communication just right

Buying decisions are made in the emotional side of our brains, not the logical side. Of course logic and rationale is considered, but selling skills need to be honed to reach those emotional triggers and ensure that rapport, relationship and trust are built.

  1. Pitching, Presenting and Proposal Writing to win the sale

We’ll get you set up for successful pitching and proposal writing, giving you some of the best tips for what to include, what to avoid and how to land the sale.

  1. How to handle sales objections with ease

We’ll ensure you don’t get disheartened by sales objections.  This sessions will give you some strategies to avoid the 3 most common types of objection completely.  We’ll also equip you to overcome objections, whether you hear them at the beginning of the sales conversation, the middle or the end.

  1. How to build customer loyalty that lasts forever

It takes around 60% more effort to sell to a ‘new’ customer than it does to sell to an existing customer, but this relies on customer loyalty and retention.  We’ll introduce you to the Loyalty Ladder and cover some effective strategies to make sales to your customers for years to come.

Or if you’d prefer to spend time with our sales expert 1:1, enabling complete focus on you and your business goals, why not book a 30 or 60 minute sales coaching session.

Our clients arrive at their sales coaching with a variety of questions and personal success goals, here’s a few examples;

  • help me design my sales journey
  • guide me thorough the set up of a CRM
  • listen to me on the phone to my clients
  • help me tweak my sales language to sound less salesy
  • give me 1:1 sales training

Online Sales Coaching – 30mins – £65

Online Sales Coaching – 60 mins – £125