Momentum South West deliver Strategy, Training and Coaching for Business Growth.

"Founded in Dec 2016, we are young in years, but old in experience."

Momentum South West's ambition is to support South West businesses who want to grow, or you could say...achieve Momentum.  We do it in a way that is practical, real world and measurable.  The journey begins with a free consultation so that we can establish exactly what success looks like for you.  From there, we buckle up and enjoy the growth journey together.  You're in safe hands.

"Your ambitions become our ambitions."

Rachael of Momentum South West
Rachael, Founder & Director

About the Momentum South West founder, Rachael Howourth

Rachael has worked in Corporate Sales Leadership for 20 years and is passionate about people development.  Her ambition is to support business leaders in the South West to lead high performing teams.  Rachael has built a team of partners to help deliver a broad range of business services to our clients.

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"Our Mission is to give momentum to businesses and individuals across the South West by providing strategy  training and coaching that inspires, motivates and produces tangible uplift in business results"

About Our Services

Momentum South West deliver training, coaching and consultancy.  All of our training can be tailored to suit your business, your customers and your products and services.  This means you'll get a far greater return on investment.

During our initial consultation to discuss your business goals and ambitions, we will agree some suitable metrics for us to track.  This is so that we both stay very focussed on achieving the desired result.

We can deliver projects during visits to your business, or we host open sessions at various venues across the South West.  It's entirely up to you how you'd like to work with us.

Who do we work with?

Momentum South West work with


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