Business Manager South West

If you follow our news, you’ll know we celebrated becoming a Limited Company last week.  And now we have even more news.  We’re joined by a fabulous and highly experienced Business Manager.

“Chuffed to bits is putting it mildly”
We are delighted to welcome Sarah Linnington, who joins our mission of giving momentum to South West businesses.
Business Manager
Sarah Linnington joins us as Business Manager
This partnership signifies a huge milestone for Momentum South West.  In just 10 months, we’ve delivered training, coaching and consultancy services to people in business all over Devon, as well as parts of Bristol, Somerset and Cornwall.  We’ve built up a solid reputation, some outstanding customer reviews and now there’s a need to expand by bringing in a business manager.  Sarah has proven experience of supporting business owners, and shares our vision and passion for growing Momentum South West even further.  As a freelancer herself, Sarah has a wealth of experience that will benefit both Momentum and our clients.  We’re super excited to have her join us.

What exactly will Sarah be doing?

In simple terms, managing the business.  Sarah will take ownership of the Quarterly Events Calendar which you can sign up for here.
She’ll also act as a project manager for clients who work with us on a 12 month consultancy basis, supporting Rachael in delivering significant sales growth for their businesses.
The biggest part of Sarah’s responsibility though, is keeping Rachael’s feet firmly on the ground whilst planning our own future growth.

So, what does our future growth look like?

Well you’ve heard the term sky is the limit haven’t you?  This is how we feel.
Our clients have told us that when they spend time with our people, utilise our practical tips for business growth and embrace the learning we provide, great things start to happen.
We are on the look out for amazingly talented freelancers to join us.  People who put clients FIRST.  People who have valuable experience to share and a passion for real people development.
  • Do you train a subject we don’t yet offer?
  • Do you coach in a way that gets outstanding results?
  • Do you just want to have a chat about how you can get involved in creating Momentum for the South West?
If you want to find out more about the Momentum we’re building, get in touch today.  Meet the rest of the team here.