Lego 'Serious Play' Team Building

Sometimes we all need to just stop the world, and take some time to reflect and re-focus.  Business teams need to do regular as a way of enabling understanding and alignment to the company and team vision.

We support this process using Lego Serious Play.

Our experienced facilitator will guide delegates through the session, creating opportunity for every team member to participate and take some valuable outputs from the session.

Why use Lego?

  • Lego enhances our creativity, even those who say they aren't creative
  • Using Lego levels the playing field, ensuring nobody dominates the session
  • Everybody has a voice through Lego, both introverts and extroverts
  • Lego deepens the conversation, the discussions are illuminating
  • Teams open up more than usual, and definitely more than through conversation
  • Teams respect others' creations, and learn more about each other

Got a staff conference coming up?

No problem, we can cater for the largest of groups

Online - 90 mins

Upto 8 team members can participate in the session,  which is hosted on Zoom

Half Day Workshop

A tailored session.  We can visit your business or arrange a venue.

Full Day Workshop

A tailored session.  We can visit your business or arrange a venue.


"The session was extremely well facilitated, and it was truly enlightening to hear the depth of conversation that emerged, simply from us building a tower in the first exercise.  Once we moved into building more emotionally charged structures, I was stunned at how the team worked together.  Amazing"

Sally, Exeter

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