Leadership Development Training Programme

The first time we get promoted into a position where we need to manage people, it's likely we make a few mistakes that we later look back on and can easily recognise.  The benefit of hindsight is marvellous, as they say, but we want to limit those mistakes and maximise the effectiveness of newly promoted people leaders and managers.

When we support our clients to accelerate leadership development and training, the benefits create a ripple effect which can be felt around the entire business.  Team work and alignment to the company vision improves, culture and behaviour improves, communication and staff motivation improves and overall, the business is better equipped to generate productivity, performance and profits.

The return on investment from leadership training is greater than the return on any other form of training (although sales training can deliver fast revenue returns of course).

Leadership Training Programme

Cathy, Newton Abbot

The course on Leadership Skills was excellent - a packed day which flew by, giving lots of tips on meetings and 1:1s as well as the language to use when coaching and identifying motivators in your team.

Mark, Exeter

Momentum South West have been a great support to our business, providing meaningful leadership development coaching on a 1 to 1 basis.  I would highly recommend their training.

Lucy, near Plymouth

We have used Momentum for a mix of courses over the past 12 months, including leadership.  Time is always taken to coach the best outcome out of the team and the feedback has been incredibly positive.

"A manager has a job title, a leader has the people"