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Social Selling Content Wheel

We've created a simple wheel of content ideas which will help you enhance your customer journey throughout the sales process.  Stay on track with a 'social sales approach', giving value and engagement to all of your prospects and future buyers.

We've even given you some suggested proportions so that you spend your time on the right things.  But remember, it all starts with understanding your customer profile - which you'll see is at the centre.


Customer Profiling Worksheet

It's so important to understand your customer

Download  our customer profiling worksheet and spend some time considering each element of your ideal customer.  It will help you create a strong foundation for your marketing, build quick rapport, develop a customer language and have more effective sales conversations.

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Want to boost your sales effectiveness?

Download our Daily Business Development Planner to keep you focussed on the right activities.  Sales effectiveness often feels a bit of a mystery, but we find that the most common cause of low conversion rates is a low conversation rate.  So, very simply, speak to the right people about the right things, but make sure you prioritise business development as a daily activity.

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Handling Difficult Customers

Follow the LEARN process to stay in control of any difficult customer situation that may arise.

FREE Character Survey

Take the VIA Character Survey.  Simply register, take the survey and await your report.

Simple Business Strategy

Use our 2 page worksheet to get you considering the right things for your business strategy.

Wheel of Life & Happiness

Unlock your future happiness and success with our wheel of life exercise, simple and easy to follow.


Do you run regular sales meetings?

Taking a sales team off their 'day jobs' is a costly exercise, and so sales team meetings need to be effective and produce useful outputs.  Download our example sales meeting agenda to give you some pointers on how to keep the team focussed on how to prepare and contribute to a valuable sales meeting.  Let us know how you get on.

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Got some ideas for great content we can share?