Energise your 2019 SKO Meeting with Momentum South West

Momentum South West are able to take you next sales kick off meeting to a whole new level, turning passive listeners into engaged contributors by introducing a new means of learning and communication. Our aim is to rejuvenate and energise the way that companies run their sales kick off meetings (SKO) by incorporating a modern mix of sales based training with innovative and exciting technology.

We’re here to question the ritual of the average SKO and implement a new method of learning, one that resonates and engages your audience to take training and learning methods from average to the unexpected.

An Open Mind…

An integral element of successful SKO planning is to maintain an open mind and generate plenty of enthusiasm amongst your participants. Implementing icebreakers and exciting technology into the agenda work really well to get productivity going from the offset and in doing so, you will find that these activities help to make better communicators, develop better relationships, and most importantly, create better team players throughout the year.

It is our task (and our pleasure) to take the pressure off business owners and sales managers and bring your individual company strategies and objectives to life through a modern mix of technology, micro learning and gamification. We work closely with your needs and aspirations in mind to tailor the perfect mix of consultative selling with modern day, technology based learning.

Our Solution…

Our solution encompasses a range of options, including interactive, tablet-based learning, technology driven challenges and puzzles, fun photo challenges and promoting the collaboration of individual’s ideas and best practices. This kick off training creates a structure to your meetings, helping to provide employees with a better understanding and commitment of your company’s strategies and goals for the upcoming year.

Whether your annual SKO is a hit, a miss, or something in between, the success often lies in how well planned and strategic the event is. Giving you an insight into exactly what we can do, below is a sample agenda to help energise your 2019 SKO and rejuvenate the way you teach new skills and ideas to employees.

Sales Kick Off SKO
A sample agenda…

Developing anything from a half day, to a three-day SKO, the options really are endless. Using a pre meeting app, we can help to engage participants before the event has even begun, helping to develop a better understanding of what it is that they are hoping to get out of the event too.

All of our results are measurable and trackable via a dashboard, which employees are able to access before and after the event. We focus on building an agenda that is built on a combination of traditional learning and carefully crafted games to test participants understanding and also to promote team building and collaboration, boosting team spirits and success, not just for the day but all year through.

Recognising the importance of an annual SKO, our unique and highly creative approach aims to revolutionise the way your sales team learn and engage. On hand with fresh ideas, our team are able to provide an innovative approach that is tailored specifically to your business and your team to deliver results all year long.

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