consultative selling

Sales professionals in all sectors must reconsider their approach to Selling.

The sales world has, and continues to shift. This is why it is so important that we, as salespeople continue to learn and develop our skills, ensuring that we continue to provide the best and most efficient service for our customers. Here at Momentum South West, it has become our mission to support and equip local businesses with all of the tools necessary to be as successful as they can be in business. After all, standing still just isn’t an option…

Selling In The Digital World…

With the rise of the 24/7 digital world and real-time messaging, our on-demand consumer base have come to expect a new type of sales experience, one where their voices are heard and where conversations happen on their terms. We no longer live in a world where companies are the gatekeepers of product information and where sales teams decide how and when, potential customers can talk and access information.

Buyers in all sectors have come to expect a new type of sales experience.

This is where consultative selling steps in. Focusing on the huge importance of the conversation between a customer and a salesperson, consultative selling uncovers all of the information needed to determine the best possible solution for a customer’s needs. The consultative sales process creates honesty, transparency, and generally helps build rapport and trust much more quickly.

But How?

At Momentum South West, we truly believe that one of the greatest resources you have in winning new business is an honest, consultative dialogue, however this approach is one that needs time to be established and practiced, which is where we can help.

Firstly, you have to acquire the expertise – which is a lot easier than most people think. Some of the skills we will teach you include,

  • How to build rapport and ask the right questions
  • Building a great relationship for the long term
  • The importance of listening (and what you’re listening for)
  • Understanding the customer’s challenges and agreeing solutions
  • Inviting the customer to make commitment
  • Asking for referrals and reviews

Secondly, preparation is key. A critical part of the consultative approach is ensuring that each prospect is thoroughly qualified before setting up an appointment. Because, if you don’t establish well ahead of time that your product is the right fit for the customer, you may waste valuable time in the run up to, and during an appointment trying to draw out information.

Finally, if you’ve done your homework and it turns out that your company’s product isn’t the best possible fit for your prospect, you can still get something out of the experience, because being benevolent in business goes a long way. After all, being the first sub on your prospects bench is not a bad place to be!

Never Stop Learning, Because Life Won’t Stop Teaching

Want to get started on the consultative selling approach? We are here to guide you in the right direction and teach you the tools needed to be as successful as you can, and want to be.

Join us for our next open course on Consultative Selling, a highly interactive and engaging workshop, which will teach you the principles of consultative selling and equip you with the skills and confidence to win new business and grow client relationships to a point of trust and loyalty.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to sales or if you’ve been in sales for years and simply want to enhance your skills. The course is also suitable for business owners who are not yet skilled salespeople. Don’t miss out, book your ticket today – spaces are limited!

We hope to see you there!