Does your Sales Strategy need kick-starting?

Sales Growth Strategy
What direction are you heading in?

Sales Strategy can make or break your sales results.  It's not just about the salespeople having a great pitch, the plan needs to suit the market, your products and most importably, your customers.  Getting the strategy right is fundamental - getting is wrong is catastrophic.

If you're employing salespeople to attract, maintain and grow your customer base, you really need to set them off on the right path.  Your sales strategy should consider both internal and external factors to your business.  It needs to focus strongly on who your ideal customer is and how best to create a clear path from your products, services and business, directly to your customer.

"There's only 2 ways to make more sales turnover than you're making today; sell more of what you're selling, or put your prices up"


"We now get more leads than we can handle.  The success means we can take on a new team member."

- Dan Russell, PL1 Web Design

"Thank you - the team thoroughly enjoyed the thought provoking sessions you delivered.  We genuinely appreciated  the way you immersed yourself in working with us to ensure we provide market leading customer propositions, driven by insight and adding value."

- Simon Godfrey, Natwest Bank Plc

"Thank you so much for making me feel the perfect blend of supported, directed and motivated.  I can't wait to get back to the office to carry on working on my customer profile and value proposition."

- Linda, Honiton

"Rachael is the best thing to happen to our business. She absolutely walks the walk. Her knowledge and experience of growing businesses is amazing. Her positivity and enthusiasm are really refreshing. She goes over and above to make sure that we get the results we need. Rachael is an intrinsic part of our team, I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Georgie Mann, Green Hat People

So, how can we help with your Sales Strategy?

Inclusive Workshop

1:1 Consultation

Customer Feedback

Process Mapping

Training Workbooks

We have 20 years experience of building effective sales strategy.  One of our key strengths is our ability to match your products or services with the needs of your ideal customer.  Making this matching process as fast and effective as possible is one of the most fundamental things we can do to grow your sales revenues.

As every business is different, every sales strategy is different.  Our big commitment is to offer a tailored service which delivers a great return on investment for you - we will build your strategy from the ground up.  Typically we begin with a thorough consultation.  We'll then agree an uplift plan and forecasted revenues and support you to implement the necessary changes.

Typically, our key areas of focus are;

  • Define the USPs of your products and services.
  • Define your ideal customer and build your customer avatars (personas)
  • Gain customer insight and feedback directly from your marketplace
  • Review your sales process by spending time with your sales team
  • Put in place sales training and coaching where necessary to uplift results
  • Recruit talented sales and marketing professionals
  • Review your CRM process and advise on any amendments required
  • Advise on any improvements to customer service and communications
  • Critique your current website copy, marketing material and social media
  • Advise on ways to attract, maintain and grow your customer numbers
  • Advise on how you can upsell or cross sell new products, services and markets
  • Assess results and the metrics needed to track progress

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