Sales Coaching 

Sales Coaching is highly effective and achieves fast results.  This is because Sales Coaching is dedicated specifically to you.  Everything we do to improve your sales skills and results, is tailored specifically around your individual needs.

Who is our Sales Coaching Programme suitable for?

If it’s your job to attract, convert and manage customers, then Sales Coaching is relevant for you.  Many of our clients are Business Owners who have recognised that their next stage of growth requires some support.  We also work with outbound telesales canvassers, customer service staff and remote-based fieldsales staff.  Sales Coaching is suited to both Business Development and Account Management.

If you’d like your sales coaching done via face to face meetings, then we cover Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

If you’re comfortable that we coach via Video Call, then we can work with anyone in the world.

What does a typical Sales Coaching session involve?

The first thing we’ll do is explore what’s happening for you right now.  We’ll discuss how you sell today, what works and what you believe doesn’t work.  Some of our clients even ask us to observe real life situations which can be really beneficial (done in the strictest confidence of course)

A typical Sales Coaching session is 2 hours, which is plenty of time for us to explore new techniques, anticipated challenges and most importably, build a robust plan for uplifting your results in the future.

We’ll set you practical exercises to try out and feedback to us on.  Sales Coaching is a two-way street.  Your views really matter – we’re not giving you a script, we’re agreeing what will work best for YOU.

What can Sales Coaching help to achieve?

As well as the obvious goal of wanting to convert more sales, sales coaching can solve many challenges faced day to day by salespeople.

  • Getting a better outcome when cold calling
  • Dealing with the gatekeeper
  • Improving your communication – making it more impactful
  • Learning how to handle different types of personalities
  • Handling objections with ease and overcoming them
  • Closing more sales
  • Sharpening up your presentation skills
  • Building better relationships with prospects and customers
  • Sourcing and researching leads – more and better qualified

How many sessions of Sales Coaching are required?

Sessions usually take place monthly and 3 sessions is enough to get some great results.  The longer we work together, the better the result we can expect to see.

Once we’ve built your initial growth plan, it’s important that you have the time to implement it and try out the new techniques we’ve discussed.  It maybe that you wish to speak to your coach weekly, just to check-in and ask a few questions – this is fine, we can chat on the phone as often as you wish.  But we’d advise leaving 3-6 weeks in between face to face sessions.

What should you bring to your Sales Coaching session?

A winning mindset of course. A notepad and pen.  You may also wish to bring any current tools you use when selling e.g. elevator pitch, script, stats, marketing material.

We believe that your sales style should reflect your personality.

Successful selling is focussed on the customer.

Our Sales Coaching is built with YOU and YOUR CUSTOMER in mind.


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