What is Sales Coaching?

Sales Coaching is a very effective method of developing and improving your sales skills.  Typically, our sales coach will spend time understanding how things are working for you currently, and they may observe you during a sale so they can provide valuable feedback.  Your sales coach will equip you with some effective new skills and give you some tips for improvement.

How long is each session?

Usually 90 minutes for a 1:1 session, but if you'd like an intensive session include making live sales calls then we might spend half a day with you.

How many sessions will you need?

Best results are seen from 3 to 4 sessions, but we can start with just 1 session and see how we go.  We don't believe in signing long-term contracts, it's better for us to build a relationship on trust and successful results.


Sales Coaching could be suitable for you if you are...

A business owner hoping to increase sales

An account manager hoping to up-sell more

A new business development professional

Currently under-performing in your role

You've tried sales training but want more focus

You negotiate terms in your job role eg. credit control, procurement

If it's your job to attract, convert and manage customers, then Sales Coaching is relevant for you.  Many of our clients are Business Owners who have recognised that their next stage of growth requires some support.  We also work with outbound telesales canvassers, customer service staff and remote-based fieldsales staff.  Sales Coaching is suited to both Business Development and Account Management.

Where do we hold Sales Coaching sessions?

If you'd like your sales coaching done face to face, then we cover Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Bristol.

We can also provide Sales Coaching by doing a Video Call, as well as Group Coaching Webinars (see below)

Sales Coaching

What should you bring to your Sales Coaching session?

A winning mindset of course. A notepad and pen.  You may also wish to bring any current tools you use when selling e.g. elevator pitch, script, stats, marketing material.


What does a typical Sales Coaching session involve?

The first thing we'll do is explore what's happening for you right now.  We'll discuss how you sell today, what works and what you believe doesn't work.  Some of our clients even ask us to observe real life situations which can be really beneficial (done in the strictest confidence of course)

We'll set you practical exercises to try out and feedback to us on.  Sales Coaching is a two-way street.  Your views really matter - we're not giving you a script, we're agreeing what will work best for YOU.


What can Sales Coaching help to achieve?

As well as the obvious goal of wanting to convert more sales, sales coaching can solve many challenges faced day to day by salespeople.

  • Getting a better outcome when Cold Calling
  • Developing a Warm Calling approach
  • Making friends with the gatekeeper
  • Improving your communication - making it more impactful
  • Learning how to handle different types of personalities
  • Handling objections with ease and overcoming them
  • Closing more sales
  • Sharpening up your presentation skills
  • Building better relationships with prospects and customers
  • Sourcing and researching leads - more and better qualified


Sales coaching devon
We'll teach you new techniques


We offer a FREE 60 minute telephone consultation, for you to tell us a little about what you need to achieve.  We'll give you some quick tips and ideas to implement.

Book directly into our diary at a time that's convenient for you.

Choose from 12 Modules, typically run on a Monday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.  We start the session 15 minutes early to give everyone time to test their IT connections.

  1. Selecting the best leads to work on… the leads who’ll buy
  2. How to open up the sales conversation and get off on the right foot
  3. Asking the right questions, in the right order, in the right way…
  4. Presenting your product or service in a way that gets customer’s excited and ready to buy
  5. Handling objections from customers and turning them into a positive
  6. Gaining commitment to buy – when and how to ask in a way that doesn’t scream ‘Run…. I’m a salesperson’
  7. Building a sales pipeline that hits your sales target, every month!
  8. Account Management – upselling your customers without upsetting your customers!
  9. Customer Loyalty – how to build trust and ensure competitors always come 2ndplace
  10. Presenting to a Board Room audience – all you need to know to WOW the crowd
  11. Negotiation Skills – achieving a win:win outcome
  12. Networking – face to face and on social media
Sales Coaching Success

The benefits of Group Coaching

  • Small groups of 4-6 people
  • Intimate, safe group
  • No need to travel to training venue
  • Bitesized, focussed 2 hour sessions
  • Introductory price of just £30 per session

We offer Consultative Sales Training

We run In-House Consultative Sales Training Courses, as well as Open Courses.  Typically the open courses are in Exeter, Plymouth or Newton Abbot.


Get in touch and tell us about how you think we can support you

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