Negotiation skills are fundamental to your Sales success.

Negotiation is an art.  Sharpening your negotiation skills will give you confidence in business as well as make you extra money.  And if you can master the art of achieving a win-win for your customers, they will love you for it.

We all negotiate daily; whether it’s with our children, settling a minor dispute at work or buying a new car.  There are many everyday situations which call for great negotiation skills.  But when those situations arise, do you find yourself getting uncomfortable?  Do you feel awkward discussing the terms of the deal?

Are you not getting the price you deserve in your sales conversations?

Do you negotiation skills let you down, and you end up giving away your margin?

Negotiation skills is an area we have over 20 years experience in.  Our founder, Rachael, has negotiated business sales across Devon, Bristol and the South West and UK, in many different scenarios – 1:1 meetings as well as boardrooms of multiple stakeholders.

What does our Negotiation Skills training involve?

  • When is Negotiation needed?  And what are the major benefits?
  • How to prepare for the Negotiation.
  • What should we be doing during the Negotiation?  Doing vs Thinking.
  • The importance of active listening.
  • The balance of power and how to use it effectively.
  • How to gain a WIN-WIN outcome.

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We run Negotiation Skills training across Devon in Plymouth, Torbay and Exeter.  If you prefer, we can come to your business and run the session solely for your team.