Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy

You want to know how to make your customers love you?  You've spent time, money and energy to attract the customer to your business.  Now they've arrived, making customers love you is what keeps them coming back.

The principles are the same for B2C and B2B businesses.  It begins with knowing your customer thoroughly and truly understanding them.  This means knowing what they value, and trust, knowing their pain points and knowing where they are in the buying process.  Simply focussing on demographics is not enough anymore.  You can read our blog about understanding B2B customers here.

Why do you want customers to love you so much?

Gartner quote that it costs 5 times more to attract new customers than it does to keep existing customers.  That's a great reason to work hard on earning a customers' love and keeping in forever.

Have you ever heard the phrase "perception is reality"?  It's absolutely true.  If the customer perceives that you've treated them like your number one customer, that's a pretty good start.  It's not easy though, as expectations are high.

"Aim to over-deliver.  Over-promising is the first step in the wrong direction.  Never use marketing that raises expectations higher than you can fulfil."

How can Momentum South West help you to make your customers love you?
  • A full consultation is needed to gain an understanding of your products, services, marketplace, sales strategy and most importantly, your customers.
  • Gain a deep understanding of your customer - what they like, trust, value and of course what they don't.  We can build you Customer Personas.
  • Mystery shopping your competitors
  • Assess ways to make your business as easy to do business with as possible - removing obstacles, streamlining process, creating a reliable feedback loop.
  • Review and recommend a winning customer communication strategy.  This can include postal, email and phone as well as social media.
  • Provide customer service training to your front line staff
  • Define and train your team on the behaviours your customers expect to see when they engage with your business.
  • Facilitate a staff workshop to agree a united 'customer manifesto'
  • Define and train your team on the techniques to impress your customers and keep them coming back

Get in touch today to begin making your customers love you.

Customer Lifetime Value

If every customer to your business was a brand new customer every time, then growing your business would become very difficult.

Why?  Because it's 4 - 5 times easier to sell your products and services to an existing customer (someone who's bought before)

The internet has made 'shopping around' so easy for buyers, that you're likely in a competitive market.  It's not just about standing out.  It's about creating LOYALTY, TRUST and ADVOCACY to your brand.

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