So you want to Improve Staff Engagement?  Understandably it’s high on your agenda.  No doubt, you’re aware that staff engagement is a hot topic right now.  Have you surveyed staff engagement? Or are you simply aware that productivity and performance could be higher?

improve staff engagement

There are many reasons why staff engagement could be lower than you’d like it to be.  Some of the reasons may be easier to control than others.  However, it’s one thing to know a challenge exists, it’s quite another to know how to overcome it.

So how can Momentum South West help you improve staff engagement?

Right now, we couldn’t possibly answer that question fully, we don’t know enough about you.  However, staff engagement is directly related to leadership, so this is where we would begin our journey.

Typically, we’d review which of these activities would make a difference.

  • Design a way to understand the current levels of engagement.
  • Spend time reviewing leadership touch-points with staff.
  • Define some key metrics and measurements for staff engagement.
  • Facilitate workshops with your team to share, empower and engage.
  • Design effective internal communications programme.
  • Provide coaching skills training to your managers, if required.
  • Provide training on giving effective feedback and staff 1:1 meetings.
  • Support you in embedding a coaching and well-being culture.
  • Team building event to improve team dynamics for the long term.

Momentum South West are happy to work alongside you and your HR Team to make steady in-roads on improving staff engagement.  There is usually no quick fix, but once we get the balling rolling, you’ll see steady gains.  Once we’ve built the strategic plan, we can support you as closely as you’d like us to.

Read our blog on how to improve staff engagement here.

Get in touch today and we can start to make a difference for you.

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