Why is Employee Engagement so important in business?

Understandably, the engagement of your employees is high on your agenda.  No doubt, you're aware that staff engagement is a hot topic.  The levels of engagement and commitment amongst your staff directly correlates to the productivity and performance achieved in your business, meaning, the more engaged the team are, the better your business results will be.  It's that simple.

You may have already surveyed your staff to understand current levels of engagement. Or you may just be aware that productivity and performance could be higher amongst your team.

There are many reasons why staff engagement could be lower than you'd like it to be.  You'll have likely read the articles being published in HR magazines, which report that staff expectations about the environment and culture in their place of work are getting higher all the time.

Some of the reasons for low engagement may be easier to control than others.  However, it's one thing to know that you need to improve employee engagement, it's quite another to know how to achieve it.

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We build your Employee Engagement Programme specifically for you, tailored and bespoke to your requirements.

Pick and Mix your own Modules

  • We conduct a staff survey to understand the current levels of engagement.
  • We facilitate workshops with your team to share, empower and engage.
  • We design an effective internal communications programme.
  • We train your managers to be Effective Coaches.
  • We train your managers to conduct engaging 1:1s and team meetings.
  • We support you in embedding a coaching and well-being culture.
  • We run high-energy Team building events to improve team dynamics.

Momentum South West are happy to work alongside you and your HR Team to make steady in-roads on improving staff engagement.  There is usually no quick fix, but once we get the ball rolling, you'll see steady gains.  Once we've built the strategic plan, we can support you as closely as you'd like us to.


It all starts with Leadership

If you'd like your staff to be highly engaged, it's a good idea to start by reviewing current levels of Leadership.  Do Leaders lead in a way that promotes Engagement?

Sales coaching

Embed a Culture of Coaching

Do your staff receive a regular 1:1?  Do they feel personally developed?  Could your middle managers be better Coaches?  Staff who receive Coaching are 5 times more engaged....

We're looking forward to helping you improve Staff Engagement....

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