DISC Personality Profiling underpins Relationships, Training, Workshops and Staff Coaching. In fact, it's a really valuable business tool.

DISC profiling

How can DISC Personality Profiling help you?

DISC is a psychometric test taken by individuals who want to better understand themselves, as a way to improve their interaction with others.  It can be used to support you in both your personal life and your professional career or business.

Have you ever heard the saying "when under pressure, we revert to type"?  It's true.  By understanding your preferred style when under pressure or stress, it can help you to adapt yourself to people, environments and situations.

DISC Personality Profiling is highly validated, meaning it's difficult to 'trick the system'.

DISC profiling

You'll find out about your;

  • Preferred Communication Style
  • Motivational Drivers
  • Decision Making Strategies
  • Preferred Environments
  • Goal Setting Preferences
  • Fears and Challenges

Once you are aware of your own 'self', you can begin to think about how you relate to others.  You'll be able to understand why conversations with some individuals are more fruitful than with others.  As a result, you'll be able to flex your style to meet theirs, giving you a better outcome because they'll feel better understood.

How can DISC Profiling help a Business Team?

The benefits are endless.  DISC can catapult a team's performance;  sales teams use DISC to impact sales conversions and revenue results and leadership teams use DISC to improve the management and engagement of staff.  Business Teams gel better together once they understand their strengths and how to adapt to eachother for the good of the team.

Once a team understands each and every person within the team, in terms of their motivators and most comfortable communication modes, the team can appreciate one another.  The effect of this is greater achievement for the team as a whole.

How it works

It's simple.  We'll send you a personal and secure link to the Profile Survey.  You then complete the survey and we'll send you the results. We can schedule a 1:1 chat to explain the results or run a Team Workshop (if you're profiling your business team)

DISC profiling
DISC profiling

The Results

You'll receive a report, which will detail 4 Personality Profiles and explain where your preferences are, and how best you can adapt to meet the needs of others.

The 4 profiles of DISC are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

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