Having alignment means that everyone is bought in to the Vision, Values and Strategy.  This can make or break your growth success.

Is your vision defined clearly and re-enforced during company training and coaching?  Have you agreed the values that your business must stay true to?  The values should make you all feel proud.  They should be shared with your customers to give off a sense of your business personality.  People buy with their emotions, so sharing insightful detail about you and your team, is not just important to you, it's important to your success.

The impact of Vision and Values on your Team

Your Company vision and values are important things for your team to understand.  Whether you're a first time team leader, supervisor or manager, or the boss of a large business, you need to tell people where you are taking them.  Otherwise, why will they follow?

Think of the vision as the destination of your journey and company values as the way that you'll travel.


70% of employees do not understand the company vision.

If this statistic is true in your business, that means that 70% of your staff don't feel loyal to the vision and are far less likely to go the extra mile to impress your customers.

Business Vision Training Coaching Exeter

So how will we help you define your business vision and values?
  • We will review the difference between your company Mission, Vision, Purpose, Strategy and Goals - believe it or not, they are all different yet all important.
  • Together, we will define your Vision.  This is done through a 1:1 coaching session using techniques to help unlock your dreams and ambitions.  A true vision is separated from strategic and operational considerations - it is a dream.
  • We will explore your personal and company values.
  • Agreeing how to embed the vision and company values into your team environment is another key step for us work on.   We can advise on how to engage your customers and how to articulate your vision and values on company literature including your website, marketing material and social media.
  • A workshop is the best way to roll out your vision and values to your team.  We can facilitate this for you, or just advise on how best to run the session.

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