Business Coaching Programmes to accelerate your business performance, no matter how big or small your ambitions. Our team will achieve results.

Momentum South West work with businesses and individuals across Devon, Cornwall, Bristol and Somerset to provide high-impact Business Coaching.  We work with you to overcome any obstacles or challenges that you might be facing, through the delivery of a tailored coaching programme.

Our business coaching packages are typically delivered on a 1:1 basis, but often we're asked to facilitate team sessions to ensure an aligned approach within your leadership or business team.

Just tell us about your ambitions and we will build a programme to suit you.

Who is Business Coaching for?

Business coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to create bigger and better success.  Our clients are often already successful, and many own and run multiple businesses.

We work across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset - let's agree a venue to suit you.  If there is a little voice in your head saying 'something' to you which is preventing you reaching your full potential, then business coaching can help create the positive shift you need.

What can you expect from Business Coaching?

If you've ever had business coaching before, you'll know that we're in for an exciting journey of exploration, discovery and as for the destination...well that's up to you.  Share with us where you want to be, by when and exactly what success looks like for you - our business coaching techniques will positively challenge you.  We will help the fog to lift and get you seeing with clarity and commitment.

Business Coaching for Founders and Directors

A number of our business coaching clients have founded and grown very successful companies, but have reached a plateau and are wondering how to scale and grow to the next level.  Their future strategy has become unclear and so the work we do together, aims to achieve clarity, focus and strategic direction.

Our most popular programme;

  • 90 minute session in-person, monthly
  • Plus a 45 minute Zoom call, monthly
  • 6 month programme
  • Measurable outputs and ROI


Book a 2hr online business coaching session and get the 2nd HALF PRICE

business coaching

It's important that you have a trusted relationship with your Coach.

We have a team of hand-picked Coaches and Mentors which we carefully match to each our clients.  This means you gain the most effective outcome from working with the most appropriate partner.

Rachael Howourth, our Director, has built a highly reputable team of business coaches, with bags of experience and a personable approach.

Rachael of Momentum South West

We also have a number of other experienced Coaches on the team here at Momentum South West.  Once we understand your goals, we will match you with the BEST coach for you.  This ensures you're set up to achieve your ambitions right from the outset.  It's vital you have a strong, trusting relationship with anyone who coaches you.

Rachael says;  "Helping clients to fulfil their dreams and achieve wild ambitions is the best part of my job.  It's the ultimate job satisfaction to hear clients share feedback on how happy they've become as a result of our partnership.  Our role is to both challenge and support you"

What our Clients say...

"I cannot recommend Momentum SW highly enough.  I was led through the process of analysing my business in such a frank, honest and supportive manner.  My coach gave me so much food for thought and made me challenge the way I look at my own skills and what I am offering, something which I really needed to do"  (Joanna, Plymouth)

Get in touch and tell us about how you think we can support you

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