Business Coaching gets to the heart of your business challenges

Momentum South West work with businesses and individuals across Devon, Cornwall, Bristol and Somerset to provide tailored Business Coaching.  We support you to overcome any obstacles or challenges that you might be facing, through the delivery of a tailored coaching programme.  You tell us what you need, and we help you to achieve it.

Who is Business Coaching for?

Business coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to create bigger and better success.  Our clients are often already successful, and many own and run multiple businesses.

We work across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset - let's agree a venue to suit you.  If there is a little voice in your head saying 'something' to you which is preventing you reaching your full potential, then business coaching can help create the positive shift you need.

What can you expect from Business Coaching?

If you've ever had business coaching before, you'll know that we're in for an exciting journey of exploration, discovery and as for the destination...well that's up to you.  Share with us where you want to be, by when and exactly what success looks like for you - our business coaching techniques will positively challenge you.  We will help the fog to lift and get you seeing with clarity and commitment.

business coaching

It's important that you have a trusted relationship with your Coach.

We have a team of hand-picked Coaches and Mentors which we carefully match to each our clients.  This means you gain the most effective outcome from working with the most appropriate partner.

Our Head Business Coach is Rachael Howourth

Rachael of Momentum South West

Rachael says;  "Helping clients to fulfil their dreams and achieve wild ambitions is the best part of my job.  It's the ultimate job satisfaction to hear clients share feedback on how happy they've become as a result of our partnership.  My role is to both challenge and support you"

We also have a number of other experienced Coaches on the team here at Momentum South West.  Once we understand your goals, we will match you with the BEST coach for you.  This ensures you're set up to achieve your ambitions right from the outset.  It's vital you have a strong, trusting relationship with anyone who coaches you.

Planning your Business Coaching Session

Frequency and style depends on what you'd like to achieve, typically we start with 3 sessions.  Each coaching session usually lasts 2 hours but we'll build our plan to suit the goal.   If we can do these face to face, then great, but if not, we can use modern technology to video chat.

To give you an idea of what we can achieve together, here's a few previous business coaching challenges that our clients have shared with us;

  • Help me to achieve the mindset needed to take greater risks in business.
  • I need a new mindset now I've moved to Devon for a new role at work - I've been promoted to a senior job and need to stop doing certain things and start acting differently.
  • My mindset stops me feeling as confident as I'd like to feel - there's a new person inside me just waiting to emerge, but I need a nudge to help me along.
  • I need to create a better balance between my work and home life.
  • I want to believe in myself more.
  • Public speaking is now part of my job, but I go to pieces.  Help me to feel confident when asked to speak to large audiences.
  • I want business coaching to stop me looking for all the reasons why I can't, won't or shouldn't.  Stop me wasting time because I want to start being successful as soon as possible.

You're in the driving seat.

What our Clients say...

"I cannot recommend Rachael highly enough.  She led me through the process of analysing my business in such a frank, honest and supportive manner.  She gave me so much food for thought and made me challenge the way I look at my own skills and what I am offering, something which I really needed to do"  (Joanna, Plymouth)


Meet the Momentum South West Team

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