Or is it Momentum gains Business Development?  

We are delighted to welcome Paul Taylor to Momentum South West as our Business Development Manager.   Paul will work in collaboration with us, and as a Freelance Business Development professional, he brings a great deal of experience.

What will Paul be doing as part of our Business Development Team?

He’ll be building relationships with business leaders and HR professionals all over the South West.  Paul will ask about training requirements and explore whether there is a need for coaching or mentoring amongst the staff.  He will then be able to match clients with our range of training courses and coaching programmes.

Paul will share our calendar of events, which include open training courses on sales, leadership and personal effectiveness.  He will also co-ordinate anyone who’d like to book a free consultation to discuss a tailored strategy session or coaching programme.

Want to know more about Business Development or Momentum South West?

Find out about us or our Outsourced Sales Team services.  We can provide short or long term Business Development support for your business.

Would you like to become a Business Development Manager for Momentum South West?  Please get in touch to discuss the opportunity for us to collaborate.