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Rachael’s Background

Business Coaching Rachael Howourth
Coaching Profile

Rachael’s first role as a people leader, came early on – aged 22.  she quickly learned how important it was to earn trust, build credibility and show empathy when managing others.

Rachael joined Auto Trader when she was 24 as the office administrator.  Her ambitious nature meant that just 3 months in to the role, she was promoted into a Field Sales role – where she grew magazine revenues and managed a portfolio of customers worth £12,000 per week.

Staying at Auto Trader for nearly 17 years, Rachael built up a wealth of experience in Sales and Leadership.  Business Coaching and Training became something she was skilled at doing, following many hours spent on personal development and in corporate training.  Rachael enjoyed business coaching and was well know amongst peers as the go-to person when a business challenge arose.

In the latter years at Auto Trader, when the business was moving fast in the world of digital, Rachael held a Sales Director role which saw her overseeing a team of 57 staff, including regional managers, account managers and account directors.  With a sizeable revenue target of £96million, Rachael spent time with customers and staff – she is proud to say she learned something different every day.

Rachael’s Passion for People

It’s no secret, she makes it very clear, Rachael’s passion and motivation has never been money (despite knowing how to make lots of it).  Her passion is for people development, hence why business coaching is what makes her happiest.

So what actually is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is a way to unlock your future potential.  There are many different techniques to apply in the practise of business coaching, but to keep it really simple, coachees spend time with their business coach creating future plans, understanding the gap between current state and future state, and then  set about exploring ways to arrive at the ideal future state (a big, huge, life-changing goal).

I can be as challenging and stretching as you need me to be.  Plus you’ll get real world business advice and oodles of motivation.

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