Leadership Bristol

It was an absolute privilege to co-facilitate a Leadership Away Day for a group of Bristol leaders, from Catalyst Group.  Their working days are usually spent supporting their team, clients, clinicians and service users, ensuring the highest levels of care are given, 24 hours per day, across the mental health and learning disability sector.  Their passion and dedication is relentless and so it was recognised that some quality time away from the day to day, would help strengthen collaborative leadership and promote team bonding and relationships.

The venue was a real stunner – Calcot & Spa in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, just a 20 minute drive from Bristol.

Calcot leadership day
A stunning spa hotel and event venue
Bristol leaders
The sun shone in Gloucestershire
Calcot & Spa leadership Gloucestershire
Leaders enjoyed the home comforts
Leadership Bristol
We definitely indulged in the hospitality

It was an action-packed day

Leaders took the opportunity to make themselves vulnerable, by sharing personal catalyst stories, allowing their colleagues to better understand who they are and why.

As well as the personal journey sharing, leaders discussed the business vision for the next 3 years and gained alignment and clarity about the goals for the business.  This type of leadership workshop is highly recommended if you need to strengthen the team’s purpose and depth of understanding about all that is needed and expected of them, over the coming months and years.


“Leadership is the biggest differentiator between successful business and unsuccessful.  Great leaders lead with purpose and integrity, and are made leaders by those who follow, and not a job title or status.”


If you’re looking to run a similar workshop with your team, get in touch and find out more about our Bespoke Leadership Programmes.

Our next open course is running in Exeter on 4th June – find out more here.