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Blog written by Rebecca Broad:

Momentum South West began February with a bang by inviting a select few contacts to discuss potential partnerships.

Ten local business owners who have supported Momentum South West’s growth were welcomed to Deer Park Country House Hotel, winner in The South West Tourism Awards, to share good food and great ideas.

Recent estimates suggest that in around ten years’ time, over half of the workforce in developed countries will be freelancing in some way.  Renowned people-person and Momentum South West founder Rachael Howourth already sees the opportunity in this trend: a chance for collaboration.

Business Momentum
Over 50% of the US and UK workforce are predicted to be freelancing by 2027

Her sales, leadership and personal development business has been asked by customers to provide training, consultancy and provision for an even wider range of business topics, from marketing to teambuilding.

The freelancers and business owners listened to Rachael’s ideas on how they could work together to provide clients with an unsurpassable suite of services.  Businesses are reluctant to spend unnecessary time, energy and therefore funds on finding and screening providers of services; recommending providers via a partnership would streamline these processes.

Key to Rachael’s vision is a network of partners who share her core values: honesty and integrity in particular.  She acknowledged that the South West can be a tough area in which to sustainably grow business, but that we often need to think with more ambition.

The formation, opportunities and challenges of such a collaboration were discussed in small groups before being shared with and debated on by everyone.  Ideas for actions and next steps, all of which keep client needs at their core, were collated and emailed out following the event.

Future partner Rebecca Broad described the partnership evening as

“incredibly exciting – the passion of local freelancers and business owners to provide the best possible services for their clients is fantastic.  It was refreshing to experience so much honesty and trust, allowing everyone to ask questions and share their views.”

Momentum South West founder Rachael Howourth said “I’m so glad to have found people who share my dedication to customer-centric business.  The Momentum South West business model is evolving based on client demand, so whilst we’re following our instincts, it’s great to have the partnership team around me to share the success.  Their support means that our Instant Boardroom proposition can really start to add significant value to the businesses we work with – helping them grow and flourish”.

Planning for the potential partnership network continues ahead of the next meeting in May.

To find out more about becoming a partner, send your CV and a brief bio to

Growing Team, New Events… you could say we’re building Momentum

Business Momentum

It’s certainly been a busy start to the year here at Momentum South West….

Our director, Rachael Howourth, has been busy meeting new clients and delivering seminars and workshops on the subjects of Building a Sales Pipeline, Consultative Selling and the Essentials of Leadership.  We’re celebrated some significant milestones with our monthly clients, which is a real joy to be part of – two clients are enjoying an all-time monthly revenue record and we’re so proud of them.

Sales growth is vital
Sales growth is vital for business momentum.

So, what else has been going on?

We are delighted to have welcomed Laura Campbell to the team.  Laura – we’re thrilled to have you. Laura is an expert in Operational Excellence and has a long list of career successes to her credit. Laura will be delivering workshops on how small business owners can overcome the growing pains of expansion – these will be open courses as well as tailored to individual clients.

In addition to this, Laura will also be supporting our own growth and lending a much needed hand to Sarah, our Business Manager. Both Sarah and Laura will be working closely with Rachael and our team of Partners to accelerate our growth in 2018. We’ve got lots to look forward to.
We’re really excited about kicking off our 4 month Mentoring Programme with the students of Plymouth University. Together with mentors from Babcock International, we’ll be training on great Mentorship and supporting the 1:1 programme until the celebration dinner on 9th May.

Our quarterly Partnership Event is a real milestone for us. We’re getting together to discuss the challenges that SMEs face in doing business in the South West, exploring ways we can help and drive growth for each and every one of them. Working with a network of experienced Partners means we can deliver our projects faster, in an more tailored way and of course, with bigger results for our valued clients.  If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Partner, get in touch.

And there’s more….some new events are coming too.

We’ve got our usual line up of Consultative Selling and Essentials of Leadership plus numerous public speaking engagements across Devon. But we’ve added 2 really exciting and high demand topics…

“Business Gamification and How to use it to drive Employee Engagement”


“How to Convert the Leads who didn’t Enquire”

Employee engagement is a huge priority for most businesses, small and large. We’ll be tackling the key contributors to high engagement in a collaboration with Aptus UK and specialists in Gamification, Green Hat People.
Green Hat People, our sponsors, deliver events and conferences all over the world, showcasing the latest technology in business games. Want to know exactly what that is? Come and join us and you’ll enjoy a live demo and the chance to ‘have a go’ at gamification yourself.
Aptus UK will be sharing some insight in how vision and values at the recruitment stage is vital for attracting the best talent and how maintaining engagement across the team drives loyalty and staff retention.
Lastly, our very own Rachael Howourth will be talking about High Performance Leadership and sharing an easy, yet highly effective, leadership tool with everyone.
Every attendee will receive a 20% discount off a Business Game with Green Hat People.

“How to Convert the leads who didn’t enquire” is a 2 Hour workshop, explaining how to maximise the outcome of your customers’ journey. You are fully aware of the leads who came through to your enquiry staff, but what about those who didn’t? What about the leads who left your website and didn’t read the bits you’d hope they read? Why did they only visit one page, and why for only 12 seconds?
We’ll be demistifying Google Analytics and encouraging you to get hands-on by bringing along your laptop and building your very own dashboard – the end result should be that you’re armed with all you need to increase your lead generation. Awesome right?

So, you can probably see why it is that we’re so excited…. life at Momentum South West is not slowing down. In fact, you could say that we’re building Momentum.

If you’d like to know more about what we’re up to, get in touch at

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Growing your Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline

When sales are flooding in, it’s common in business not to concern yourself too much with your sales pipeline.  But when times are hard, you look to your sales pipeline as a source of comfort, reassurance and hopefully some quick wins.

But what do you do if your sales pipeline is dried up?

There’s only one thing that you can do in this situation, and that’s to start again.  You need to start the process of identifying who to target.  Which lead sources can you use and who can you qualify as hot prospects?  You then need to begin learning about the solutions they seek and how you can help them with your products and services.

Some quick tips on building your sales pipeline;

  • Source leads, ensuring you do it appropriately and compliantly.  Match the leads to your ‘ideal customer profile’ as much as possible.
  • Qualify leads using criteria which will help you categorise prospects into segments.  For example, you may have some more urgent than others or want to select different contact methods for each segments.
  • Design the activity and milestones for your sales pipeline.  For example, will you use the phone or email, or do you want to meet face to face?  What does success look like at each milestone?
  • Begin your sales activity – think about which sales approach you use and why.  When we say sales approach, we mean are you transactional or consultative, is the focus more on inbound or outbound, have your team been trained a consistent way to approach sales?
  • Record your activity and outcomes so that you can spot trends and understand conversion rates.  We’d advise you use a CRM for this, but you can always start with a spreadsheet until it becomes too big to manage.
  • Remove any blockages or obstacles which limit your sales pipeline success.  Make sure you understand what it is which prevents success.
  • Seek training and coaching to help you improve conversion rates.  It’s sometimes easier for a third party to see the opportunities and help you to maximise them.
  • If you manage a team of people, make sure you understand variances in sales pipeline performance so that you can help and support.

Recording activity shows you how hard you try, whereas conversion rates show you how good you are when you try.

Founder of Momentum South West, Rachael Howourth, delivered a talk at the Like Minds Ideas Festival in Exeter.  The talk lasts for 20 minutes and covers some key points to specifically help you grow your sales pipeline.


We also run regular seminars and training on How to Build a Sales Pipeline, so do check out our Eventbrite listings.

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Momentum South West are chuffed to bits…

Business Manager South West

If you follow our news, you’ll know we celebrated becoming a Limited Company last week.  And now we have even more news.  We’re joined by a fabulous and highly experienced Business Manager.

“Chuffed to bits is putting it mildly”
We are delighted to welcome Sarah Linnington, who joins our mission of giving momentum to South West businesses.
Business Manager
Sarah Linnington joins us as Business Manager
This partnership signifies a huge milestone for Momentum South West.  In just 10 months, we’ve delivered training, coaching and consultancy services to people in business all over Devon, as well as parts of Bristol, Somerset and Cornwall.  We’ve built up a solid reputation, some outstanding customer reviews and now there’s a need to expand by bringing in a business manager.  Sarah has proven experience of supporting business owners, and shares our vision and passion for growing Momentum South West even further.  As a freelancer herself, Sarah has a wealth of experience that will benefit both Momentum and our clients.  We’re super excited to have her join us.

What exactly will Sarah be doing?

In simple terms, managing the business.  Sarah will take ownership of the Quarterly Events Calendar which you can sign up for here.
She’ll also act as a project manager for clients who work with us on a 12 month consultancy basis, supporting Rachael in delivering significant sales growth for their businesses.
The biggest part of Sarah’s responsibility though, is keeping Rachael’s feet firmly on the ground whilst planning our own future growth.

So, what does our future growth look like?

Well you’ve heard the term sky is the limit haven’t you?  This is how we feel.
Our clients have told us that when they spend time with our people, utilise our practical tips for business growth and embrace the learning we provide, great things start to happen.
We are on the look out for amazingly talented freelancers to join us.  People who put clients FIRST.  People who have valuable experience to share and a passion for real people development.
  • Do you train a subject we don’t yet offer?
  • Do you coach in a way that gets outstanding results?
  • Do you just want to have a chat about how you can get involved in creating Momentum for the South West?
If you want to find out more about the Momentum we’re building, get in touch today.  Meet the rest of the team here.

Training Partnership with RGM for Momentum South West

Training RGM

A new team at RGM

Momentum South West are delighted to be training RGM, Rebecca Garrett Media.  This exciting new partnership supports the continued growth of the Account Management team.  This week alone, RGM has welcomed 3 new staff to the business.

Training RGM Team

RGM work with some of the biggest media brands in the UK, including Cosmopolitan, ITV and Mumsnet and it’s vital that all customer facing staff understand how to offer highly targeted and effective media campaigns, as well as provide an unrivalled customer service.

An exciting training partnership

Rachael Howourth of Momentum South West has joined the RGM team this week to cover a variety of topics.  The training was designed to help get the new recruits off to a flying start.  Topics such as How to Understand Your Customer, Overcoming Challenges and Delivering Customer Value and ROI.

Training RGM

The training has been very practical and interactive. The team have been encouraged to share best practise and learn from each other, ensuring that all of their previous experience will benefit the RGM wider team, and of course their customers.

If you’d like to find out more about joining the RGM team, get in touch with Rebecca here.

To book a free consultation with Momentum South West, you can select a convenient date and time here.  Alternatively, call Rachael directly on 07980 910316 or email


Business Development gains Momentum

Or is it Momentum gains Business Development?  

We are delighted to welcome Paul Taylor to Momentum South West as our Business Development Manager.   Paul will work in collaboration with us, and as a Freelance Business Development professional, he brings a great deal of experience.

What will Paul be doing as part of our Business Development Team?

He’ll be building relationships with business leaders and HR professionals all over the South West.  Paul will ask about training requirements and explore whether there is a need for coaching or mentoring amongst the staff.  He will then be able to match clients with our range of training courses and coaching programmes.

Paul will share our calendar of events, which include open training courses on sales, leadership and personal effectiveness.  He will also co-ordinate anyone who’d like to book a free consultation to discuss a tailored strategy session or coaching programme.

Want to know more about Business Development or Momentum South West?

Find out about us or our Outsourced Sales Team services.  We can provide short or long term Business Development support for your business.

Would you like to become a Business Development Manager for Momentum South West?  Please get in touch to discuss the opportunity for us to collaborate.

Sales Leadership | Everything you need to know about Sales KPIs

Sales Leadership KPIs

If you’re in Sales Leadership, you’ve probably heard the saying “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”

It’s very true.  You can’t manage what you can’t see.  As a leader who’s expected to deliver results, sales managers  and business owners need to make sure they carefully select some meaningful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

But before too long, you find you have 50 things to manage, some of which your CRM can’t produce reports on any more.  And how many of them were once requested by the Finance Director who now doesn’t need to know anymore?  Not to mention your sales team are increasingly aware that the number of plates they’re expected to spin is growing, which is confusing and causes the side-effects of another famous saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”

So I’m going to try and help you streamline your KPIs to just the things which make a difference to the performance of your sales team.

What are the main benefits of having KPIs?

  1. It’s easier to spot trends and opportunities for growth
  2. They highlight capability issues in your team so you can adopt the right training
  3. They also highlight variances in the drive and determination of your team
  4. It gives you a transparent platform for recognising great performance, and offering rewards
  5. You’ll feel more in control with consistent KPI tracking

Activity – Volume (or how hard do the team try?)

How many calls or meetings do your sales team do?

You’ll need this by each individual as well as for the team as a whole. You’ll also want to be able to look at specific weeks or months to spot trends over time.  Think about showing results as a comparison to the average for the team, or the average for the month.  Also think about setting a benchmark to help you make incremental gains over time.

Make sure that every individual inputs accurately into your CRM system – salespeople are notoriously bad at this so look out for errors.

Activity – Duration (or how engaging do your customers find your sales team?)

How much time do your sales team spend engaged in customer conversations?

If you have people who sell on the phone, you’ll need a telecoms provider who can report on the number of minutes spent on calls.  Think about how long a call needs to be before it qualifies as an engaging call – 10 seconds is likely a ‘no thank you’, 3 minutes is enough for the customer to have been asked a few questions, 10 minutes is a good conversation and any longer than that is a really good sign you’re making great connections with customers.

Think about how long it takes to wait in a call tree.  Consider staff who call their friends to grow their call time! (I’ve seen this done many times).

Sales Leadership KPis to Measure

Conversion (or how good at selling are your team?)

How likely are your sales team to convert a sale?

This is a great metric for helping you to identify training needs.  Maybe your entire team don’t need a refresher training course on consultative selling – it may just be one person.  Either way, this will help you address performance variance where training is the cause.

Depending on the stages of your sales process, you may need to break down the tracking of conversion rates.  For example, if you have an appointment maker who works on the phone, their sale is to sell the appointment.  The person who does the appointment is responsible for the sale.  You’ll want to know whether they convert in one appointment or two.  Or does it take a follow up phone call to get the sale over the line?

You’ll need to track conversions for each salesperson, plus think about what the benchmark needs to be i.e. is it a comparison to each other or the team average?

Do you have different conversion rate benchmarks for different products? You’ve probably got some products which are far easier to sell that others.  Think about how you might differentiate between the products and services that your sales team are responsible for.

Average Value of a Sale

Do you have sales staff who excel in high value sales?  But others who only sell what’s on offer?  Or they ask for a discount?

This metric can help you understand which of your sales people can sell multiple products in one sale.  Plus you might identify pricing issues or skill issues.  Again think about the benchmark you’re using – it should probably be a comparison to the team average.

Customer Satisfaction

Every business should measure how satisfied their customers are.  It’s no good having sales people who can convert sales at high values if the customer is telling you that they found the sales experience disappointing.

Do you actively seek customer feedback?  Where do you record it?  Do you measure feedback given against the individual salesperson or is it general?

Think about how you use Online Reviews and whether customers willingly offer you Referrals to their family and friends.

It’s easy to over-complicate this part with hefty surveys and competitions.  My advice is keep it simple.  Could it be as straightforward as asking the manager to put in 5 random customer service calls per month to gain some insightful feedback?

Pulling it all together

If you’re unsure about how to create some meaningful reports, ask your accountant to help you.  You’ll also need to make sure your CRM system offers you the ability to input the necessary numbers, as well as an easy suite of reports to extract the information you need from the back end.

The most important thing to do when compiling and tracking KPIs is to get buy-in from your sales team.  Explain to them why you’re looking to track their performance figures, explain the required performance levels and comparisons and get their feedback. They probably know your CRM better than you do (as they’re using it everyday), and it’s highly likely they know how to play the system so make sure you think about fairness and consistency.

If you intend to use KPIs in your team’s Personal Objectives, and I’d always advise you do, then get HR involved so they can help draw up the most appropriate paperwork for you.

Thanks for reading – hope it was useful.

If you’d like some advice on Sales Strategy, then Momentum South West can help.  We work with clients to build a sales strategy for them which delivers growth for their business.  We consult every step of the way and can train out new strategies to staff.  Our sales training and coaching gets five star reviews so if it’s an increase in sales results that you’re looking for, get in touch here.

We offer a free consultation too, so let’s make a start.

Interview: first 6 months in business

2 year dream after first 6 months in business

Rachael Howourth of Momentum South West shares the story of the first 6 months in business.

Why did you start the business Momentum South West?

I’d dreamt for years of running my own business and I’d always known that if I did, it would be a consultancy of some kind.  Working in Sales and Leadership for 20 years in a large corporate business has taught me a huge amount about how to be successful in business.  I’ve sold to many different types of customers and managed many different types of staff – I’ve definitely lived and breathed the business world.

But the main reason the business began when it did is because that’s when my confidence level had reached a point where I thought I had enough to offer.  I’d been working with a business, just giving some advice and support, and the new strategies I’d advised on had delivered an uplift in business results of over 50%.  That’s when I realised I had skills that I could really use to help others’ succeed.

How’s it going so far?

It’s going really great.  I’ve now got clients using each of my offerings; strategy, training and coaching.  Some of my clients are really successful businesses who are investing in keeping it that way, and some are micro SMEs.

I’ve got so many ideas for the future but I’m keeping my feet firmly on the ground for now.  I’ve built a few Training Courses which are my bread and butter; these are ASPIRE Consultative Selling, Negotiation Skills, Leadership Skills and Coaching Skills.

What’s been the hardest part?

The hardest part during the last 6 months has been the time it’s taken to align all of the necessary parts of the business.  I’m making sure it’s a brand I’m building and that it becomes easily recognisable, as well as builds loyalty.  The marketing activity takes a long time.  I know I could now give it to a professional to handle, but they can’t think about my business the way I do.  I’ve learnt how to build a website, how to rank on Google using SEO tactics, how to engage in email marketing, how to blog, how to optimise photos, how to start and market a You Tube channel, how to use Instagram for business.  The list goes on….

What have you enjoyed the most about the first 6 months in business?

I’ve enjoyed the feedback from clients.  Reviews have been left on my Facebook page, Google and sent to me in emails and the positivity has been overwhelming.  I did some workshops for Natwest Plc which had amazing feedback and some of my coaching clients are enjoying results they’d only previously dreamt of.  It makes me feel incredibly proud and excited for the future.  If I can achieve that in the first 6 months in business, who knows what I can do for Momentum South West in 5 years.

first 6 months in business customer reviews

The other thing I really enjoy is public speaking.  I’ve done quite a few breakfast seminars where I speak on a chosen topic for the benefit of the audience.  I like doing it and it always opens up new client opportunities.

Where’s it all heading?

2 year dream after first 6 months in businessI do have a vision.  It’s a vision for 2 years time, maybe longer.  I plan to expand the Training Course offering by bringing in different Trainers who are experienced in sectors which compliment my specialisms of Sales and Leadership.  I also intent to bring in a customer relationship manager and and digital marketing exec.

But the really big dream….is to open a Coaching Retreat.  A place of solace where the big hitters from the city can escape to Devon to invest in their own personal development.  I hope for it to be a beautiful barn in the country somewhere, with accommodation and facilities done to the highest standard.

To book Rachael to speak at your breakfast seminar or to discuss your business requirements in relation to Sales and Leadership growth, call her directly on 07980 910316.

Or email

11 TIPS to Be a Better Salesperson

Be a better salesperson

So you want to know how to be a better salesperson?

I’m going to share some tips to help you not just to be a better salesperson, but to be a salesperson that your customers will love.

It’s commonly debated whether the skills for being a super-duper salesperson can be learned, or are they just part of your very being.  What do you think?  Do you often wonder what it will take for you to be a better salesperson?  On a day when you can’t seem to close a single deal, it feels like you’re pushing treacle uphill and nothing is ever going to ‘go right’ for you again.  But then you get that amazing call that says “yes, we’d like to go ahead” and all is well in your world again.  Balance is restored.  And target is achieved (those words we just love to hear)

So here’s my tips, in no particular order;

  1. Know your customer and be genuinely interested in them.  If you sound like you’re going through the motions, the customer will pick up on it.
  2. Seek to solve their problems – nobody buys anything because you did a great presentation.  It’s got to be the right solution for the customer.
  3. Tailor your communication style to suit your customers’ preference
  4. Be a great listener – sales people are known for talking, but it’s listening which will make you successful.
  5. Don’t pitch at every customer you engage with – gain agreement that there’s a problem which needs solving first.  Understand timescales and customer appetite before moving in to your pitch.
  6. Build knowledge and credibility in your own market sector, but also that of your customer.  You really must ‘know your stuff’.
  7. Always be prepared and highly organised.  Update your CRM, track your pipeline, know your numbers.  And don’t slack on your paperwork.
  8. Do what you say you’ll do.  Following up is vital, breaking a promise to a customer will lose you the sale and your reputation.
  9. Behave with integrity at all times.  This is a biggie – never compromise your personal values.  If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.
  10. Build a trusting relationship.  The decision to buy is made with emotion, rather than logic.  You must position yourself in a place of trust and credibility, especially if you intend to develop future cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  11. NEVER EVER make a sale if your instinct tells you it’s not in the interests of the customer.  If that means missing target, so be it.

Sales is fun – enjoy it!

Momentum South West run sales training courses delivered in your business or as open courses across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.  We can also support with 1:1 Sales Coaching programmes.

Our clients give us great reviews.

Get in touch for a free consultation.