Introducing Momentum South West – Company Values – HIPE

Momentum South West¬†first video blog…. thanks for watching ūüôā

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2 ways (guaranteed) to dig your business out of a rut

I’m sure you know exactly what I mean by ‘business rut’. ¬†We’ve probably all been there. ¬†A fog has come down over your strategy. ¬†You know something needs to change but you can’t see the wood for the trees. ¬†The hamster wheel just keeps on turning and you want to get off? “if you continue […]

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customer loyalty

SALES TIPS: 10 ways to make absolutely sure your customers come back

Building customer loyalty is essential for success in business. ¬†Acquiring new customers is essential, but if that’s all we ever focussed on, it’d be tough on your sales team as well as your marketing budget. Acquisition vs Retention? Econsultancy did a customer loyalty study which showed businesses are only 5-25% likely to sell to a […]

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handle pressure

Handle pressure like a superstar!

Are you aware of how you handle pressure? We all handle pressure differently don’t we; some of us find a bit of pressure quite motivational, whilst others feel the weight of the world coming down on our shoulders. Here’s a few things which might help you spot the times when you need to handle pressure. […]

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Leadership blog

Manager to Leader – How to Make the Change

Have you been a manager for a while now? ¬†Or just recently promoted? ¬†Either way, it’s such a rewarding job to support a team by taking the reigns and being personally responsible for the actions and outcomes of everybody in the team. The early days of management I don’t know about you, but when I […]

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Business Coaching Plymouth Exeter

The most effective way to close your sales pitch (works every time)

Many professions are categorised as ‘skilled’ but often sales is missed off that list. ¬†Why? ¬†I honestly have no idea, other than those who come up with these lists have never sold anything. ¬†Sales is tough isn’t it – I’d definitely describe sales as a skilled profession. There’s so many things to get right before […]

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