Learn to be a Great Coach

So you want to be a Great Coach?

Being a great coach is, in our opinion, one of the best tools to have in your leadership toolkit.  Coaching helps to get the best out of people, through inspiring actions, driving motivation and creating a huge sense of empowerment.  We’ve written a blog on why embedding a coaching culture in your business is a great idea.

The ICF, International Coaching Federation, did a study which showed staff who receive regular coaching delivered greater work performance (by 70%), improved time management (by 57%) and improved team performance overall (by 51%).  Overall, of the companies who took part in the study, 86% reported a return on investment through coaching.

We can run Coaching Courses solely for your business teams.  Typically this is done on your premises, but we are equally happy to book a suitable venue.

If it’s just you who wants to learn to be a great coach, look on our Events Page regularly to check for local dates.

What our Coaching Course involves:

  • What is Coaching and Why is it valuable?
  • Who are the right employees to coach?
  • When and where should coaching take place?
  • An easy-to-use and highly effective model to follow when coaching.
  • Ways of recording coaching conversations.
  • How to evaluate the effects of coaching?

Read our blog on how to be a great Coachee.

Get in touch so we can discuss exactly what it is you need.