Learn Consultative Selling

Consultative selling achieves greater sales results.

What is consultative selling?

“Consultative selling is an open and honest conversation with your client.  It focuses on their challenges and how you and your product or service may be able to solve those challenges.”

Good news.  Not only does consultative selling benefit your business, it benefits the customer too.  Results are greater using a consultative approach because the customer is engaged.  The customer’s pain points, needs and challenges are not just considered, but adequately solved.

The old sales catchphrase “always be closing’ could not now be further from the truth.  In fact, the best case is that the customer asks to buy because your consultative approach is so appealing.

Consultative Selling with Momentum South West

This is our forte.  We have over 20 years experience.   Whether it be in the boardroom of large corporates or with a one-man-band startup,  Momentum really know their sales stuff.

We are truly passionate about sales, and about helping others to experience sales success.  Our passion stretches so deeply that we’ve devised our own sales model for you to follow.  The ASPIRE sales approach.  

What does our consultative selling programme involve?
  • A detailed discussion about how you sell today, what you sell, who you sell to and what the results look like.
  • A training programme to fully train your sales team on ASPIRE – this is ideally a 3 day programme although we understand you may wish to do this over a period of time rather than in one block.
  • All delegates will leave the training room with a personal plan to begin practising ASPIRE with their customers.
  • We will provide personal coaching to help fully embed the new sales process.
  • Great success is seen from side-by-siding with your salespeople whilst they call customers.  Even better if we can do this with a phone-splitter to allow us to hear both sides of the sales conversation.  Feedback can be given and improvements made virtually immediately.
  • We’ve even been know to accompany salespeople in face to face appointments.
  • We can support with writing a personal development plan for each of your sales people.
  • If you are experiencing under-performance, we can help you to manage this within HR and Employment Law frameworks.

Get in touch to talk about how we can help your selling become consultative