Get that Promotion

Are you keen to make the next step in your career and you want to make sure you “get the job”?

Or have you had a knock back and want to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Helping our clients reach their full potential is one of the best bits of our job – we love nothing more that to see YOU enjoy the success that YOU deserve.

‘Get that Promotion’ is a 1:1 coaching programme which is best done away from your office and where you can keep a clear mind. ┬áThe more detail you can provide about the role you’re hoping to land, the desired candidate profile (if you know it) and any barriers to success that you envisage.

We can help you:

  • get your mindset in the right place
  • build your personal brand and reputation
  • define your personal values and strengths
  • tailor your CV
  • build a winning Linked In profile
  • gain some testimonials to help give you credibility
  • learn the skills you may be missing currently
  • rehearse for the interview
  • create the right wardrobe and personal image
  • beat off the other candidates and land the job

Get in touch to chat through your ambitions and your dream job….