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Sales Training and Coaching is just the start…

Sales training is what we’re best known for in Plymouth and Exeter (Devon), but we work across a much broader spectrum than that.  At Momentum South West, we offer a tailored solution to Business Growth.  We consult with business owners, leaders, teams and individuals across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset to create a culture where high performance is the norm.

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MOMENTUM is “the force that allows something to grow stronger as time passes”  This sums us up well.  Working with us will grow your revenues.

We deliver highly effective sales training, coaching and strategy to businesses and individuals across the South West, including Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay and Newton Abbot.  Clients come to us wanting to grow their business.  Sometimes they know exactly what type of solution they need.  Commonly though, they are looking for ideas, new strategy and someone who has the experience to share proven techniques for succeeding in business.

Truly unique, tailored sales training across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

Our Sales Training is unique.  The ASPIRE model has been built following 20 years of sales experience.  We can tailor our sales training to suit your business, products and most importantly, your customers.  You won’t find anyone like us in the South West.

We are proud to build partnerships with our clients.  You can count on us to listen and really get to the heart of your challenges.  And what’s most important is, you can count on us to grow your business.  We will deliver a tangible uplift to your confidence, capability and results.

Momentum South West seek to understand even the wildest of ambitions.  In fact, the wilder the better.  Let’s aim high.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Sales strategy and 1:1 sales coaching
  • Consultative sales training
  • Negotiation skills training
  • Leadership skills training
  • Building and leading high performance teams
  • Business coaching for executives and middle management
  • Career coaching
  • Mentoring first time managers
  • Employee engagement
  • Personal brand and wellbeing
  • Creating a winning mindset

Which area is your primary focus?  Business Growth or Personal Growth

Momentum South West offer a no obligation consultation to businesses all over the South West, including Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay and Newton Abbot.

We’ll find a fast and cost effective way to achieve momentum in your business.  Our approach is real-world and tailored to your requirements.

Training ~ Coaching ~ Consultancy 

Please do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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Check our Events page for Leadership and Sales Training Courses in Plymouth, Exeter, Torbay and Newton Abbot.  Alternatively our courses can be delivered at a venue of your choice.


We regularly hold events across the South West – see our Eventbrite page.

Using venues in Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay and Newton Abbot, we host breakfast seminars for the local business community to learn, network and build clear routes to success.

  • Free Seminars
  • Training Courses
  • Coaching Programmes
  • Free Networking Events
  • Collaborations with other business partners

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About Momentum South West

Momentum South West is young in years, but old in experience.  

Our ambition is to support South West businesses who want to grow.  We want to do that in a way that is practical, real world and measurable in terms of revenue and outputs.  The journey begins with a consultation so that we can establish exactly what success looks like for you and from there, we buckle up together and enjoy the ride.  Your ambitions become our ambitions.

About the Founder, Rachael Howourth
Business Coaching Devon
Rachael Howourth

Rachael has worked in Sales Leadership for 20 years. She is passionate about leadership and people development.  Her ambition is to now support local business in the South West to lead high performance teams.  Rachael’s approach of blending training with on-the-job coaching, ensures that all new learning is fully embedded.  This means the results achieved will be long-lasting, for the individual and the business.


“To give momentum to businesses and individuals across the South West by providing training and coaching that inspires, motivates and produces tangible uplift in business results”

Our VALUES are very important – believe the HIPE.  Watch the video here.

Honesty ~ Integrity ~ Practical ~ Empowerment

About Our Services

Momentum South West offers a tailored approach to training and coaching.  All of our sales and leadership training can be made to specifically suit your business, your customers and your products and services.  This means you’ll get a far greater return on investment.

During our initial consultation to discuss your business goals and ambitions, we will agree some suitable metrics for us to track.  This is so that we both stay very focussed on achieving the desired result.

We can help you to achieve Business Growth and Personal Growth.

We’re very proud of what our clients say about our work….


“I cannot recommend Rachael highly enough.  She led me through the process of analysing my business in such a frank, honest and supportive manner.  She gave me so much food for thought and made me challenge the way I look at my own skills and what I am offering, something I really needed to do.” (Joanna S, Plymouth)

“Really enjoyed this morning with Rachael, great conversation and very helpful in opening my mind to different solutions and possibilities.  Great coach!!!” (Lewin Madzogo, Plymouth)

“I went to Rachael’s ‘Converting Social Media into Sales’ workshop and it was by far the best I had been to for a long time.  It was very clear, well presented and I really liked her ASPIRE model.  I came away with a clear strategy for my business that I can now use.  I highly recommend Rachael and her enthusiasm is second to none” (Nicki Bidgood, Westcountry HR and Recruitment)

“Rachael has coached me through many situations in both my personal and professional life.  She asks me the questions that nobody else does which has helped give me clarity, new ideas and the confidence to take a leap of faith” (Debbie B, Exeter)

Momentum South West work with clients across Devon, in Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay and Newton Abbot.  We also cover Cornwall and Somerset.  Get in touch today – we’d love to chat about how we can help you.


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